Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kim kardashian naked. New picszzz.

Kim kardashian naked. Great picz:

kim kardashian nakedkim kardashian nakedkim kardashian nakedkim kardashian naked
Women's Watch --- DID I cheat on my GF? Ive been with my GF of 10 months and now live together. Yesterday, her best friend / female approached the apartment for me to fix your laptop. My GF was in class when she approached. He comes to the house dressed like shes going to hit the dance club. It was 530pm. She has a body murderer like Kim Kardashian and her breasts practically falling just as I opened the door. Anyway take her to the study room and start working on your laptop. She starts to sit on my lap with the excuse of wanting to learn how to fix the laptop. I excuse it and take a chair to sit beside me. 10min, then says he has a crease on the back and wondered if I could stretch a little. Im like fine. forward. Then rises and stands of the deks Infront turns your AZZ in front of me and begins to bend! This runs about 8 minutes. Then he comes and sits next to me pushed his chair super and is breathing on his neck. Now I am totally hard. as hard rock. You realize as I stand to turn away from your laptop. She says and I quote: Let me thank you. untie the strings of her dress, the dress falls, shes naked and was on his knees. Nothing happened. But I did raise it over his shoulder placed in my lap naked and beat him up in the living room. I thought if I am what I woke up this ******. At the moment I hit the last scourge of the 40 was soaked. He picked it up again on my shoulders, grabbed his clothes / laptop and put it outside my Apt and closed the door. He calls me names behind the door its a Azzhole. You must be gay. u dont know what your missing. blah, blah, blah. I told my GF when it came around. And now shes hasn't upset and told me the night before. What I did was that !!??????? CHEATING
S e x video is here!

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